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SRX99P SONY Laptop AC Adapters

1. SRX99P AC Adapter-SONY16V4A64W-6.5x4.4mm $22.27

SRX99P Laptop AC Adapter, SONY 16V-4A-SRX99P Power Adapter, SRX99P Laptop Battery Charger

 SRX99P Laptop AC Adapter, SONY 16V-4A-SRX99P Power Adapter, SRX99P Laptop Battery Charger
 Adapter Model:SRX99P
Item Name: SONY16V4A64W-6.5x4.4mm
Adapter Output Voltage: 16V
Adapter Output Current: 4A
Adapter Power: 64W
Adapter Plug Size: 6.5 x 4.4mm
Weight( Adapter only ) :252g
Dimension( Main Body ) :108.00 x 47.20 x 30.90mm
Total Sale: 172 Sold
Package include:
  1 x SRX99P AC Adapter
  1 x US / EU / UK / AU Power Cord ( Free )

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ORG.Price: $ 37.75
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( Updated: Jul 2017 )
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SRX99P Laptop AC Adapter, SONY 16V-4A-SRX99P Power Adapter, SRX99P Laptop Battery Charger SONY16V4A64W-6.5x4.4mm
Compatible Mainbody Numbers:


Fit Machine Model:(Only list part of all the Fit Model)
PCG-V505R, SRX99P ac adapter, VGN-S91PSY4, PCG-711, VGN-T260, PCG-GR230, PCG-GR9, VGN-T90PSY1, PCG-SRX87, PCG-TR3/SP, VGN-TX670P/BKIT1, PCG-TR2F PCG-TR3A, PCG-Z1V/P, VGN-U70P, VAIO PCG-TR1AP, VGN-S62PSY2, PCG-3102, VGN-S150F, VGN-TT91PS, 505RS, VGN-S350F, VGN-TZ92S, PCG-V505GZFP, VGN-S91PSY5, Sony Vaio PCG-800 Series, VGN-T260P, PCG-GR250, PCG-GR9/K, VGN-T90PSY2, PCG-SRX87P, SRX99P ac adapter, PCG-TR3E/B, VGN-TX670P/W, PCG-TR3AP PCG-TR3AP1, PCG-Z1VE, VGN-U71P, VAIO PCG-TR2A, VGN-S62PSY4, PCG-3112, VGN-S150FP, VGN-TT91YS, 505RX, VGN-S350FP, VGN-TZ93NS, PCG-X505ZP, VGN-S91PSY6, PCG-833L, VGN-T260P/L, PCG-GR270K, PCG-GR90E, VGN-T90PSY3, PCG-SRX99, PCG-TR5B, VGN-TX670P/WKIT1, PCG-TR3AP2 PCG-TR3AP3, PCG-Z1VT/P, VGN-U750, VAIO PCG-TR2AP1, VGN-S90S, SRX99P ac adapter, PCG-3122, VGN-S150P, VGN-TT92DS, PCG-505TS, VGN-S350P, VGN-TZ93S, Sony Vaio PCG-5xxx Series, VGN-S92S/S, PCG-873M, VGN-T270, PCG-GR270P, PCG-GR90E/K, VGN-T90PSY4, PCG-SRX99K, PCG-TR5EB, VGN-TX690, PCG-TR3F, PCG-Z1X/P, VGN-U750P, VAIO PCG-TR2AP3, VGN-T30B/L, PCG-3192, VGN-S155, VGN-TT92JS, PCG-505TX, VGN-S360, VGN-TZ93US, PCG-51AL, SRX99P ac adapter, Sony Vaio VGN-T Series, PCG-881L, VGN-T270P, PCG-GR290, PCG-GR90F, VGN-T90PSY5, PCG-SRX99P, PCG-TR5PS, VGN-TX690P/L, PCG-TR5AP, PCG-Z1XE/B, VGN-U8, VAIO PCG-TR3AP1, VGN-T50, PCG-3212, VGN-S16GP, VGN-TT92PS, PCG-505X, VGN-S360P, VGN-UX50, PCG-531A, VGN-T, PCG-881R, VGN-T270P/L, PCG-GR290K, PCG-GR90F/P, VGN-T90PSY6, PCG-SRX3S BD, SRX99P ac adapter, PCG-TR5S, VGN-TX750, PCG-U1, VGN-B90PSY7, VGN-U8C, VAIO PCG-TR3AP2, VGN-T51B/L, PCG-321A, VGN-S170, VGN-TT92YS, VAIO PCG-V505 series, VGN-S36TP/S, VGN-UX70, PCG-532A, VGN-T1, PCG-882L, VGN-T27TP, PCG-GR290P, PCG-GR9E, VGN-T90S, PCG, PCG-U101, VGN-TX750P/B, PCG-U3, VGN-B90PSY8, VGN-U8G, Sony Vaio VGN-B Series, VGN-T52B/L, SRX99P ac adapter, PCG-322B, VGN-S170B, VGN-TT93FS, PCG-V505 CTO, VGN-S370F, VGN-UX71, PCG-551L, VGN-T130FP, PCG-883L, VGN-T2P/L, PCG-GR300K, PCG-GT, Sony Vaio VGN-TX Series, SRX51P, PCG-U101/P, VGN-TX770, P, VGN-G1AAPS, Sony Vaio VGN-UX Series, VGN-B, VGN-T71B/L, PCG-325A, VGN-S170F, VGN-TT93GS, PCG-V505 series, Sony Vaio VGN-S5 Series, VGN-UX72, PCG-561L, SRX99P ac adapter, VGN-T140, PCG-884L, VGN-T2XP, PCG-GR370, PCG-SR9C/BK, VGN-TX, A, PCG-V505/B, VGN-TX770P/W, PCG-Z1, VGN-G1AAPSA, VGN-UX1XN, VGN-B100, VGN-T71B/T, Sony Vaio PCG-4xxx Series, VGN-S170P, VGN-TT93HS, PCG-V505A, VGN-S5, VGN-UX90PS, PCG-571A, VGN-T140P/L, PCG-885L, VGN-T2XP/L, PCG-GR370K, PCG-SR9G/K, VGN-TX15C/W, B, SRX99P ac adapter, PCG-V505E/B, VGN-TX770PWK1, PCG-Z1A1, VGN-G1AAPSC, Sony Vaio VGN-X505 Series, VGN-B100B, VGN-T72B/L, PCG-431L, VGN-S170PVNC, VGN-TT93VS, PCG-V505AC, VGN-S50B, VGN-UX90S, PCG-571N, VGN-T140P/LKIT2, Sony Vaio PCG-C Series, VGN-T2XP/S, PCG-GR370P, PCG-SR9M/G, VGN-TX16SP/W, PCG-SRX55TH, PCG-V505F/B, VGN-TX790, PCG-Z1AP1, VGN-G1ABNS, VGN-X505, VGN-B100B05, VGN-T72B/T, SRX99P ac adapter, PCG-432L, VGN-S175, VGN-TX50B/B, PCG-V505AK, VGN-S51B, VGN-UX91NS, PCG-581L, VGN-T140PL, PCG-C1F, VGN-T2XRP/S, PCG-GR390, PCG-SR9M/K, VGN-TX17GP/B, PCG-SRX7S PB, PCG-V505G/B, VGN-TX790P/L, PCG-Z1AP2, VGN-G1KBN, VGN-X505/ZP, VGN-B100B23, VGN-T91PS, PCG-441L, VGN-S18GP, VGN-TX51B/B, PPCG-V505AC, VGN-S52B/S, VGN-UX91S, PCG-581M, SRX99P ac adapter, VGN-T150, PCG-C1MGP, VGN-T340, PCG-GR390K, PCG-SRX3, VGN-TX1HP, PCG SRX871, PCG-V505R/PB, VGN-TX790PK1, PCG-Z1AP3, VGN-G1LAP, VGN-X505VP, VGN-B1VP, VGN-T91PSY6, PCG-461L, VGN-S1HP, VGN-TX52B/B, PCG-V505ACK, Sony Vaio VGN-S6 Series, VGN-UX92NS, PCG-582M, VGN-T150/L, PCG-C1MHP, VGN-T340P, PCG-GR390P, PCG-SRX3/BD, VGN-TX1HP/W, PCG SRX87P2, SRX99P ac adapter, PCG-V505S/PB, VGN-TX90PS, PCG-Z1VFP, VGN-G1LBN, VGN-X505Z, VGN-B1XP, VGN-T91PSY7, PCG-462L, Sony Vaio VGN-S2 Series, VGN-TX72B/B, PCG-V505ACP, VGN-S6, VGN-UX92S, PCG-591L, VGN-T150/LKIT2, PCG-C1VG, VGN-T340P/L, PCG-GR4141SK, PCG-SRX3E, VGN-TX1XP/B, PCG SRX87P3 SRX87P4, PCG-V505T1, VGN-TX90S, PCG-Z1RA, VGN-G2AAPS, PCG-GR615SP, VGN-B3VP, VGN-T91S, SRX99P ac adapter, PCG-462M, VGN-S2, VGN-TX73B/B, PCG-V505AP, VGN-S62S/S, VGN-Y70P, PCG-5A1M, VGN-T150P/L, PCG-C1VXS, VGN-T350, PCG-GR414SK, PCG-SRX3E/BD, VGN-TX1XP/L, SRX87 SRX87P, PCG-V505T1/P, VGN-TXN15P, PCG-Z1RAP1, VGN-G2AAPSB, PCG-GT1, VGN-B3XP, VGN-T92PSY1, PCG-481L, VGN-S240P, VGN-TX90PS1, PCG-V505AX, Sony Vaio VGN-S7 Series, VGN-Y90, Sony Vaio PCG-6xxx Series, SRX99P ac adapter, VGN-T150P/LKIT2, PCG-C1X, VGN-T350/L, PCG-GR414SP, PCG-SRX3F/BD, VGN-TX2HP/W, SRX99 SRX99, PCG-V505T2, VGN-TXN17P/L, PCG-Z1RAP1KITB, VGN-G2AAPSX, PCG-GT3/K, VGN-B90PS, VGN-T92PSY2, PCG-481M, VGN-S250F, VGN-TX91S, PCG-V505AXP, VGN-S7, PCG-661L, VGN-T150P/T, SONY VAIO PCG-C1 Series, VGN-T350P, PCG-SR17, PCG-SRX3S/BD, VGN-TX2XP, SRX99P, PCG-V505T2/P, SRX99P ac adapter, VGN-TXN19P/L, PCG-Z1RAP2, VGN-G2AAPSZ, PCG-X505, VGN-B90PSY1, VGN-T92PSY3, PCG-491L, VGN-S250FP, VGN-TX92PS1, PCG-V505B, VGN-S70B, PCG-661M, VGN-T155, PCG-C1MV, VGN-T350P/L, PCG-SR17K, PCG-SRX7, VGN-TX3-EXC-B2CM, SONY VAIO PCG-VX series, PCG-V505T3, VGN-TXN25N, PCG-Z1RAP3, VGN-G2ABNS, PCG-TRF, VGN-B90PSY2, VGN-TR5, PCG-492L, VGN-S260, SRX99P ac adapter, VGN-TX92PS2, PCG-V505BL, VGN-S71PB, PCG-661R, VGN-T160, PCG-C1MV-M, VGN-T350P/S, PCG-SR27, PCG-SRX7E/P, VGN-TX3-EXC-B2CT, PCG-VX71P, PCG-V505T3/P, VGN-TXN27N, PCG-Z1VAP1, VGN-G2ABPS, PCG-U3/P, VGN-B90PSY3, VGN-TT33FB, PCG-4A1L, VGN-S260KIT1, VGN-TX92S, PCG-V505BX, VGN-S72PB/B, PCG-671L, VGN-T160P/L, PCG-C1MVM, VGN-T350P/T, PCG-SR27K, SRX99P ac adapter, PCG-SRX7F/P, VGN-TX5VN/L, PCG-VX88, PCG-V505T4, VGN-TXN29N/L, PCG-Z1VAP1KITB, VGN-G2ABPSA, VAIO VGN-TT47GG, VGN-B90PSY4, VGN-TT50B, PCG-4B1L, VGN-S260P, VGN-TX93NS, PCG-V505BXP, Sony Vaio VGN-S9 Series, PCG-672R, VGN-T160P/LKIT2, PCG-C1MVP, VGN-T360, PCG-SR33, PCG-SRX7F/PB, VGN-TX5XN/B, PCG-VX88P, PCG-V505T4/P, Sony Vaio VGN-TZ Series, PCG-Z1VAP2, VGN-G2KAN, PCG-C1MSX, SRX99P ac adapter, VGN-B90PSY5, VGN-TT51JB, Sony Vaio PCG-500 Series, VGN-S265, VGN-TX93S, PCG-V505D, VGN-S9, PCG-681L, VGN-T170, PCG-C1MW, VGN-T360/L, PCG-SR33K, PCG-SRX7S/P, VGN-TX610, PCG-VX89, PCG-V505V/P, VGN-TZ11MN/N, PCG-Z1WA, VGN-G2KBNA, PCG-C1MZX, VGN-B90PSY6, VGN-TT53FB, PCG-500, VGN-S270, VGN-TZ50B, PCG-V505DC2, VGN-S90PS, PCG-682L, SRX99P ac adapter, VGN-T1XP/L, PCG-C1MWP, VGN-T360P, PCG-SR5K, PCG-SRX7S/PB, VGN-TX610P/B, PCG-VX89K, PCG-V505VZ/P, VGN-TZ11VN/X, PCG-Z1WAMP1, VGN-G3AAPS, PCG-GR3F/BP, VGN-B90PSYA, VGN-TT70B, SONY VAIO PCG-505 Series, VGN-S270B, VGN-TZ71B, PCG-V505DC2K, VGN-S90PSY1, PCG-691L, VGN-T1XP/T, SONY VAIO PCG-GR series, VGN-T360P/L, PCG-SR7K, PCG-TR1/B, VGN-TX630, PCG-VX89K1, PCG-V505W/P, SRX99P ac adapter, VGN-TZ11XN/B, PCG-Z1WAMP2, VGN-G3AAPSC, PCG-GR3N/BP, VGN-B90PSYB, VGN-TT71JB, PCG-505E, VGN-S270F, VGN-TZ72B, PCG-V505DC2P, VGN-S90PSY2, VGN-S90PSY3, PCG-6B1L, VGN-T240, PCG-GR, VGN-T370, PCG-SR9, PCG-TR1/P, VGN-TX630P/B, PCG-VX89P, PCG-VX7/BD, VGN-TZ21MN/N, PCG-Z1WAMP3, VGN-G3ABGS, PCG-GR5E/BP, Sony Vaio VGN-G Series, VGN-TT90NS, PCG-505EX, SRX99P ac adapter, VGN-S270P, VGN-TZ90HS, PCG-V505DH, VGN-S90PSY4, PCG-6B2L, VGN-T240P, PCG-GR114EK, VGN-T370P, PCG-SR9G, PCG-TR2/B, VGN-TX650, PCG-TR1AP, PCG-VX9/P, VGN-TZ21VN/R, PCG-Z1WAP, VGN-G3ABGSAC, PCG-GR5F/BP, VGN-G11VN/T, VGN-TT90PS, PCG-505F, VGN-S270PKIT1, VGN-TZ90S, PCG-V505DX, VGN-S90PSY5, PCG-6N2M, VGN-T240P/L, PCG-GR114MK, VGN-T370P/L, SRX99P ac adapter, PCG-SR9GT, PCG-TR2/P, VGN-TX650P/B, PCG-TR1F, PCG-X505CP, VGN-TZ21VN/X, PCG-Z1WXFP VAIO S Series, VGN-G3ABVS, PCG-GR5N/BP, VGN-G11XN/B, VGN-TT90PSA, PCG-505FX, VGN-S28GP, VGN-TZ91HS, PCG-V505DXP, VGN-S90PSY6, Sony Vaio PCG-700 Series, VGN-T250, PCG-GR150, VGN-T50B/L, SONY VAIO PCG-SRX series, PCG-TR2E, VGN-TX651, PCG-TR1MP, PCG-Z1/P, VGN-TZ21WN/B, VAIO S150, VGN-G3ABVSA, SRX99P ac adapter, PCG-GR7/K, PCG-GR114SK, Sony Vaio VGN-S1 Series, VGN-TT90S, PCG-505G, VGN-S2HP, VGN-TZ91NS, PCG-V505EC, VGN-S91PSY1, PCG-705, VGN-T250/L, PCG-GR150K, VGN-T50B/T, PCG-SRX41P, PCG-TR3/B, VGN-TX651P/B, PCG-TR2A, PCG-Z1R/P, Sony Vaio VGN-U Series, VAIO S150P VAIO TR Series, VGN-G3ABVSC, PCG-GR300, VGN-S1, VGN-TT90US, PCG-505GX, VGN-S2XP, VGN-TZ91S, PCG-V505ECP, SRX99P ac adapter, VGN-S91PSY2, PCG-705C, VGN-T250P/L, PCG-GR170, PCG-GR7E, VGN-T70B/L, PCG-SRX77, PCG-TR3/P, VGN-TX670, PCG-TR2AP1, PCG-Z1RT/P, VGN-U, VAIO PCG-TR3A, VGN-G3KBG, PCG-GR55, VGN-S150, VGN-TT91DS, PCG-505LS, Sony Vaio VGN-S3 Series, VGN-TZ92HS, PCG-V505EX, VGN-S91PSY3, PCG-705E, VGN-T250P/S, PCG-GR170K, PCG-GR7F, VGN-T90PS, PCG-SRX77P, SRX99P ac adapter, PCG-TR3/S, VGN-TX670P/B, PCG-TR2AP3, PCG-Z1T/P, VGN-U50, VAIO PCG-TR1A, VGN-S62PS/S, Sony Vaio PCG-3xxx Series, VGN-S150/P, VGN-TT91JS, PCG-505TR, VGN-S3, VGN-TZ92NS, PCG-V505GFP

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When i can receive my SRX99P Laptop AC Adapter?

  • It usually takes 5-10 business days for your order to arrive in normal to USA / Australia / the UK / Canada / Russia / Israel / Norway / France / Finland / Denmark / Ukraine / Saudi Arabia / New Zealand
  • 2-4 business days to Singapore / Japan / South Korea / Malaysia / Thailand / Hong Kong / Taiwan
  • 7-12 business days to arrive in Europe
  • 1-30 business days to arrive in Latin America / North America / Africa.

Why should we choose this original SRX99P Laptop ac adapter?

  • This genuine SRX99P AC Adapter can give clean, smooth, safe power for your machine.
  • This SRX99P laptop ac adapter have short circuit protection.
  • This genuine SRX99P ac adapter have Overheat protection circuit which is very inportant for safe.
  • This original SRX99P ac adapter have very clean out put, it allows the cpu get maximum efficiency, the hard disk work Smooth and rapid, the Sound Card output Pure sound.....
  • This SRX99P adapter have a very good heat dispersion, it will not became hot after working for a long time.
  • This genuine laptop ac adapter can longer your machine's life.
  • ...
Store News:  Store is open, welcome your order.--- Service Department --- Jul 2017
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