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How to choose correct 0R0423 ac adapter?

  1. Make sure your original laptop or machine model ( P/N ) is 0R0423 .
  2. Choose the correct output volt and output current ac adapter.
  3. Choose the same output tip (size), so this adapter can plug into your laptop or machine.
1. 0R0423 AC Adapter-DELL20V4.5A90W-4PIN $36.18

0R0423 Laptop AC Adapter, DELL 20V-4.5A-0R0423 Power Adapter, 0R0423 Laptop Battery Charger

 0R0423 Laptop AC Adapter, DELL 20V-4.5A-0R0423 Power Adapter, 0R0423 Laptop Battery Charger
 Adapter Model:0R0423
Item Name: DELL20V4.5A90W-4PIN
Adapter Output Voltage: 20V
Adapter Output Current: 4.5A
Adapter Power: 90W
Adapter tip note: 4PIN
Weight( Adapter only ) :475g
Total Sale: 176 Sold
Package include:
  1 x 0R0423 AC Adapter
  1 x US / EU / UK / AU Power Cord Fit Your Country.

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0R0423 Laptop AC Adapter, DELL 20V-4.5A-0R0423 Power Adapter, 0R0423 Laptop Battery Charger DELL20V4.5A90W-4PIN
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ULTRASHARP 2001FP, 0R0423 ac adapter, LCD 0R0423, 2001FP, 0R0423, DELL LCD

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Ac adapter not charging?

There's a few steps we can take to test the Notebook and AC adapter. Before getting started, if you have a removable battery make sure it is installed correctly.

1. Check ac adapter's power indicator.

  • Most brands of adapters have a power indicator,Connect the power supply and check if the indicator light is on.
2. Check the connections.
  • Make sure all the cables are in good shape, with no wear or breaks.
  • Use only the original charger intended for use with your notebook. Other chargers may seem to fit, but may damage the charging port or battery.
  • Connect everything firmly. There should be no significant movement on any of the connections. If moving the plug in the port affects charging, or the connection is loose, the port or charger are damaged and service is required.
  • PCs with USB Type C charging ports often have multiple ports that can be used to charge, so try another port.
3. Try Another Outlet.
  • Avoid using power strips or surge protectors while testing, plug directly into a known good wall outlet. Test the outlet first with a simple device like a lamp to confirm it's in good working order.
4. Shutdown the PC.
  • Windows can manage the charging system, and may disable charging under some circumstances. Shutting down will remove Window's ability to influence charging.
5.Measuring the output of the adapter.
  • Test the output of the adapter with a multimeter,If the adapter indicates that the output is 19v, it should >= 19.0v when we test.
6. Replce it with a new genuine ac adapter.

Laptop AC adapter problem?



I hope someone here is able to help me with my problem and maybe tell me what is the cause of it also. Okay, I own a Lenovo 3000 Y400. It's been with me for almost 3 yrs now and just yesterday, my notebook had a problem.

Let me get you up to speed on what happened, initially I was using it and it was perfectly fine but my mom wanted to use it so I switched it off and gave her my notebook, she plugged the AC adapter to the notebook and switch it on(we normally do that because the battery finishes really fast).

She was able to turn on the notebook but there was the beeping sound when a battery is low, what's strange is that I checked the AC adapter and it is correctly connected to the power supply and my notebook. The green light on the AC adapter is also lighted up but the beeping sound indicated otherwise.

so I shut down my notebook and tried to switch it on again hoping it will somehow solve the problem but I can't turn my notebook on anymore!! Last time when I connect the AC adapter to my notebook, the battery indicator would light up in blue but now there is not even a single light! The only light I see on the battery indicator is 2-3 fickles of blue when I press the ON/OFF button and then nothing hapopens.

I'm thinking the power socket might  be faulty so I switched to another power socket but the problem still persist. Then I was told that if I take out the battery and just use the AC adapter, I would be able to turn on my notebook, i tried that and nothing happens

What is wrong with my notebook? Can anyone help me with this issue? Any help would be much appreciated!


My gut feeling is you have a defective connection between your AC adapter & your computer.  The clue was that you could not turn the computer on when the AC adapter is connected & the battery has been removed.   It is possible the AC adapter itself is bad, but this hardly ever happens.  IF you have a volt-ohmmeter, plug in the adapter & check the voltage at its plug to see if it matches specifications.  Occasionally a wire in the AC adapter cord frays & produces an intermittent connection.  Nearly always, though the problem is the power jack inside the computer has a break or defective solder joint.

Most manufacturers will replace the motherboard rather than fix the basic problem.   The basic problem for most laptops is that power jacks are poorly engineered.  Some of the Lenovos have power jacks that are less likely to fail and also easier to fix.  Many non-OEM computer shops will attempt fixes on laptop motherboards with power jack problems.  The fixes & new motherboards alike tend to fail for the same reason the problem began.

Re: You are right! it's the AC adapter problem, i had it changed and now my notebook is working fine, thanks for your help.

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